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N6 Piston is a white resin fountain pen that exudes a minimalist charm while promising a premium writing experience. Its screw-on cap is designed to ensure a secure closure, protecting the intricately designed nib when not in use.

The silver accents, including the finely detailed clip and the center band, add a touch of elegance to its streamlined profile.

This pen operates with a piston-filling mechanism, which requires the use of bottled ink, offering a nod to the traditional art of writing.

It's an ideal choice for enthusiasts who take pleasure in the ritual of filling their pen, and for those who appreciate the capacity for a longer, uninterrupted writing session.

The pen's design is completed by a long knife nib, which is not only visually striking but also engineered to deliver a consistently smooth and precise line, making it a joy for everyday writing, calligraphy, or drawing.

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