Handmade Swan Glass Dip Pen

The handmade Swan Glass Dip Pen set comes with a swan style glass pen, two bottles of different ink colors & and a pen holder which is swan's wings. 

  • Each pen is carefully handcrafted and each is unique. The pen itself is beautifully sculpted so it's very comfortable to hold.

  • You can write about 30 to 40 words per one dip with our swan glass dip pen, it is also very easy to clean, you just need to rinse it with water and dry it with a paper
    towel, it takes only 10 seconds to clean if you wish to change to a different color.

  • This swan glass dip pen is suitable for beginners and advanced calligraphers, writers, artists, friends, or family members. 
  • It can be a unique and exciting gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, or other occasions.

Type: Dip Pens