King Duke Fountain Pen With 2 Nibs

The bundle includes 2 nibs for the price of 1. Seamlessly switch between fine .7mm nib and 1.0mm bent nib + A FREE PRESENTATION GIFT BOX!

The King Duke is an affordable and enjoyable everyday writing instrument.

The Duke is particularly notable for its golden trim and sword-like details on the clip. 

The gold-plated nibs are carefully crafted to provide a fluent ink flow and their sleek cigar-like shape complements the writer's hand.

Exemplifying the Duke's penchant for simple yet elegant design, with design roots reaching back to the 1950s, this writing instrument is both a superb everyday writer as well as an authentic piece of fountain pen history.

The Duke is tested for both, balance and a no-spill experience to guarantee a comfortable writing experience.

Also, it accepts universal ink cartridges. (not included for safety)

*please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.