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Save $40 On A Presidential Luxury Baoer Set (5 Pens Included)

Luxury Baoer Presidential Bundle combines timeless design with modern materials, Baoer pen with a golden metal clip is a sight to see and an affordable and enjoyable everyday writing instrument.

This pen is particularly notable for its golden trim and arrow-shaped golden clip.

The 0.5mm 14k gold plated nib is carefully crafted to provide a fluent ink flow and its sleek cigar-like shape complements the writer's hand.

Benefits of using fountain pens :
- The Luxury Baoer Fountain Pen carries a medium 0.5mm nib to provide smooth and even writing and drawing!
- With a fountain pen you don’t need to press on the paper to get ink which helps prevent writer’s cramp! 
All our pens are tested for both balance and a no-spill experience to guarantee a comfortable and consistent ink flow. 
This pen is perfect whether you're writing on a pleasant journey, taking notes in your favorite lectures, signing important business contracts, writing letters to your lover, or presenting gifts to your friends.

*it accepts universal ink cartridges (NOT INCLUDED for safety).

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery