Marble Fountain Pen (0.38mm)

Inspired by the power of the nature, The Marble Fountain exemplifies the stars, the sky and the sea with a body produced in a semi-transparent acrylic, an evocative mixture of classic and contemporary styling.

The pen's body trim is a sterling silver that matches the powerful fountain pen cap which carries around 1/3 of the weight of this well balanced work of art.

Its precise extra fine 0.38mm nib will have writing qualities equal to its appearance. We also provide a complimentary ink converter.


With a fountain pen you don’t need to press on the paper to get ink which helps prevent writer’s cramp! 
All our pens are tested for both balance and a no-spill experience to guarantee a comfortable and consistent ink flow. 
This pen is perfect whether you're writing on a pleasant journey, taking notes in favourite lectures, signing important business contracts, writing letters to your lover, or presenting gifts to your friends.
*it accepts universal ink cartridges (NOT INCLUDED for safety).
*please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery,