Nebula Infinity Fountain Pen

⚖️ The Nebula Infinity Fountain Pen is a well-balanced writing instrument.

✍️The Infinity pen is available in three nib sizes made of sterling silver: 0.4mm, 0.5mm, or 1mm

🤩Nebula Infinity's engraved cap and body is where his value comes from - featuring precise line engravement, making this pen a unique work of art.

💧The Fountain Pen will be tested for balance and no-spill experience to guarantee a smooth and consistent ink flow before shipping.

🎁FREE GIFT INCLUDED! A leather pouch will be sent with your order as a free gift to keep your instrument safe and scratch-free.

Nebula Infinity ships with an included ink converter and can be used with disposable ink cartridges as well.

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