Nebula Premium Retractable Fountain Pen

All the convenience of a click rollerball but with the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen: introducing the Nebula Premium Retractable Fountain Pen!

Premium Retractable in dark black is pushing the fountain pen world forward with its new design. 

With its sturdy body and smooth surface, you can feel the superb engineering that went into this state-of-the-art fountain pen, right at your fingertips. 

Instead of a traditional cap, the Nebula Retractable uses an internal seal to protect the nib and keep the ink from evaporating when retracted into the pen.

The steel nib is available in fine 0.5mm size. 

This new fountain pen was brought to life to fulfill people’s curiosity.

No matter how many pens you own, this one will blow your mind.

It accepts universal-sized ink cartridges or any type of bottled ink with an included ink converter.

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