The Nebula Cherry

The Nebula Cherry is a celluloid stunner in shades of red. The sterling trim and shiny cap ends accentuate the cool, mosaic pattern of the Nebula Cherry celluloid.
- The Nebula Cherry includes a medium 0.7mm nib to provide smooth even writing and drawing!
- With a fountain pen you don’t need to press on the paper to get ink which helps prevent writer’s cramp! 
All our pens are tested for both balance and a no-spill experience to guarantee a comfortable and consistent ink flow. 
This pen is perfect whether you're writing on a pleasant journey, taking notes in favourite lectures, signing important business contracts, writing letters to your lover, or presenting gifts to your friends.
* it accepts universal ink cartridges (NOT INCLUDED for safety).
*please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.