The Nebula Double Nib Pen

The Nebula Double Nib Pen Is A Sleek Shaped Fountain Pen That Can, As Much As The Name Implies Use 2 Of Included Nib Sizes That You Can Switch Easily, Depending On Your Daily Preference. It's Like Having Two Fountain Pens For The Price Of One.

The Double Nib Is A Smooth Writing Instrument, Available in 4 Different Color Variations. It Ships With A 0.38mm Nib And 0.5mm Nib.

It Requires Little To No Pressure To Lay Down A Full Saturated Line Of Ink While The Two Included Nib Sizes Serve Many Writing Purposes.

The Gripping Section Of the Double Nib Pen Is Perfectly Balanced With Its Body Creating A More Comfortable Experience For The Hand And Eliminating Hand Fatigue.

This Pen Can Use Universal Ink Cartridges Or The Included Ink Converter We Provide Free Of Charge.