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 Black with gold trim is a classic fountain pen style, and The Nebula Royale realizes it with understated beauty. The elegant clip and flat cap end add a depth of style to this fountain pen. It comes in six different colorways, each with its own unique presence. The Royale is a solid and reliable everyday writer that will be greatly enjoyed by many. We also provide the required ink converter, free of charge. 

Benefits of using a fountain pen:

Fountain pens require little to no pressure to lay down a full, saturated line.

One of the aesthetics of fountain pen writing is the varying line widths achieved by changing the writing pressure.

As a fountain pen writes just by the force of pen's weight on the paper, hand fatigue is greatly reduced by eliminating the "death grip" that ballpoint pen users tend to use while writing.

Inks are available in a wide range of chemical compositions. That effectively means you can always get an ink that suits you perfectly.

No more will be available after our very limited remaining stock is gone.

Note* Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.