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Nebula Royal Peacock Fountain Pen $ 42.00 USD $ 62.00 USD
Experience the sophistication of the Nebula Royal Peacock Fountain Pen, with its brilliant green hue and gold-plated nibs in 0.4mm and 0.5mm sizes. Boasting a luxurious writing experience through its universal and traditional ink cartridges and professional piston filler, this timeless pen is designed for maximum durability, lasting through generations. Embark on your writing journey with its bold nib and robust design, telling stories with vigor and style that stand the test of time.
-23% sale
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Nebula Maple Leaf Fountain Pen $ 72.00 USD $ 93.00 USD
🍁The Maple Leaf is a mystical fountain pen in a royal red color that evokes the romance and glamour of the golden age of fountain pens & the upcoming holiday season. 🍁The Nebula Maple Leaf is equipped with a 14k gold plated nib available in two different nib sizes. 🍁Maple Leaf brings subtle sophistication to a durable and highly versatile writing instrument. 🍁It has writing qualities equal to its rich appearance.  🍁You will be able to use the Maple Leaf with universal-sized ink cartridges or any type of bottled ink, thanks to the included professional piston filler with an ink capacity that can rival many similar pens. 🍁Nib sizes available: 0.4mm & 0.5mm
-42% sale
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Nebula Aficionado Fountain Pen $ 49.99 USD $ 84.99 USD
Aficionado creates an atmospheric variation of the popular nebula black series, introducing a new hard rubber independent innovation pen tongue system, which results in writing feel you have not experienced before. The stylish Nebula Aficionado series has its roots in the art deco movement of the 1930s but the gloss dark or polished gold put a distinctly contemporary cast on this classic pen profile.  Each pen is hand-assembled. Aficionado is a cartridge-converter pen that can use any bottled fountain pen ink when equipped with the provided converter. It can also use universal-sized ink cartridges. Aficionado is available in two nib sizes: EF or F.
-55% sale
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Picasso Magnifique Fountain Pen $ 24.95 USD $ 55.00 USD
"The Picasso pen: a masterpiece for your desk" The Picasso Magnifique Fountain Pen is the ultimate writing instrument for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Made with only the highest quality materials, this pen exudes luxury and sophistication. The barrel of the pen is crafted from lustrous resin, with elegant gold-plated accents that add a touch of glamour. The nib of the pen is made from 18kt gold, ensuring a smooth and effortless writing experience. The intricate design of the pen is inspired by the works of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso, making it not only a functional writing tool but also a work of art. Whether you're signing an important document or jotting down a quick note, the Picasso Magnifique Fountain Pen is sure to impress. Available in a limited edition of 38 pieces. *Please allow 1 - 3 weeks for delivery.  

Classics never go out of style!

In our humble opinion, this is the best classic bottled ink in town. Made using high-quality, smooth pigments, Picasso ink is available in the three most popular colors - blue, black, and blue-black. It's perfect for fountain pens and calligraphy, offering a smooth and consistent flow on paper. Plus, it comes in fully recyclable, eco-friendly bottles, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Winner!

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A Quartet of Perfection

Meet Our Four Must-Have Fountain Pens

Iron Bull Fountain Pen
Iron Bull Fountain Pen $ 34.50 USD
Immerse yourself in a world where refined aesthetics meet unmatched performance with the Iron Bull Fountain Pen. Our dedication to intricate craftsmanship is evident in every facet of this exquisite writing instrument, including an intricately engraved motif of a bull on the cap, a symbol of strength and determination. Features & Benefits: Sterling Strength: Crafted from robust metal, this fountain pen offers not only an aesthetically pleasing heft but durability that stands the test of time. The sterling silver nib ensures fluid, smooth, and consistent writing with each stroke. Secure Seal, Every Time: The screw-on cap provides an air-tight seal, preserving the freshness of your ink and preventing unwanted drying or spillage. Plus, the cap can be effortlessly posted on the pen, ensuring it’s always within reach. Unparalleled Ink Flexibility: Whether you're a traditionalist preferring bottled ink or one seeking the convenience of disposable cartridges (sold separately), the Iron Bull adapts to your style. An ink converter for bottled ink enthusiasts is also part of the package, ensuring your writing experience remains uninterrupted. Nib Customization: Tailor your writing to suit your signature style. Choose between a fine F 0.5mm nib for precise lines or a medium M 0.7mm nib for a bolder stroke.
-43% sale
Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen
Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen $ 20.00 USD $ 34.99 USD
Step into a world where words flow like the glistening currents of a lush emerald stream. The Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen invites you to experience writing in its purest form, capturing the essence of rich green shades with every stroke. As you hold this pen, you'll feel a connection to nature's most serene landscapes and the tranquility they offer. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen embodies the fusion of artistry and functionality. Its sleek body is adorned in a sophisticated shade of jade green, reminiscent of the deep hues found in untouched forests. The pen's design exudes an aura of calm yet vibrant energy, just like the lush foliage of a hidden oasis. Choose from two exquisite nib sizes, 0.38mm and 0.5mm, allowing you to tailor your writing experience to your personal style. Whether you're sketching intricate lines, crafting meticulously detailed letters, or expressing your thoughts with sweeping flourishes, the Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen offers a seamless flow of ink that glides effortlessly across the page. Imagine the sensation of writing with a pen that captures the essence of a pristine meadow, evoking feelings of renewal and vitality. With every stroke, the Nebula Jade Cascade Fountain Pen transports you to a world where the beauty of nature converges with the precision of timeless craftsmanship.
-50% sale
Golden Ingot Fountain Pen
Golden Ingot Fountain Pen $ 15.00 USD $ 29.95 USD
Introducing the Golden Ingot Fountain Pen – a masterpiece that exudes opulence and elegance. Meticulously crafted with exquisite artistry, this extraordinary writing instrument commands awe and admiration. Its solid gold body radiates a captivating glow. Experience uninterrupted writing bliss with its flawless ink containment system, ensuring a flawlessly smooth and consistent flow. The meticulously handcrafted nib glides effortlessly across the paper, infusing each stroke with sophistication and grace. Designed for utmost comfort, the pen's ergonomic shape enables hours of uninterrupted writing pleasure. Embrace the allure of the Golden Ingot Fountain Pen, where artistry, functionality, and luxury converge to elevate your writing experience to unparalleled heights. Nib size: F 0.5mm Ink: Includes 10 starting ink cartridges, the pen can also be used with bottled ink with the included ink converter.
Shadow Dancer Pen
Shadow Dancer Pen from $ 14.00 USD $ 24.00 USD
Impeccable Design: The Black Beauty Metal Rollerball Pen features a sleek and streamlined design, exuding an aura of sophistication. Its full black metal body is expertly crafted, ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and durability. Smooth Writing Experience: Equipped with a high-quality rollerball tip, this pen effortlessly glides across the page, delivering a smooth and consistent ink flow. Premium Quality Construction: Our Black Beauty Pen is meticulously engineered with premium materials, guaranteeing longevity and durability. The solid metal construction provides a substantial weight that feels substantial and comfortable in your hand.

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