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Introducing the sleek, demonstrator-style Automatic Ink Pen: the epitome of modern writing convenience. Equipped with a transparent body that showcases its intricate mechanics, this pen is paired with an innovative ink-filling tool designed for mess-free refills.
Bottle of ink is included.
  1. Preparation: Firmly grasp your fountain pen and position it above the ink-filling tool, ensuring the nib is aligned with the tool's aperture.

  2. Filling Process: Gently lower the pen so that the nib makes contact with the ink-filling mechanism. Apply a light, steady pressure downward to initiate the ink suction sequence. Observe the ink chamber as it transparently fills, giving you visual confirmation of the ink's level and the filling process's completion.

  3. Writing Readiness: Once filled, withdraw the pen from the filling tool and prepare to engage in a writing experience characterized by smooth ink flow and consistent delivery. Your pen is now primed for a superior writing session, whether for personal correspondence, professional endeavors, or creative expression.

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