Luxury Brass Fountain Pen

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Luxury Brass Fountain Pen

Luxury Brass Pen is a sturdy fountain pen that makes for a great daily carry. 

It's a durable and reliable writing instrument made with class and excellent precision.

What makes it even more versatile is the gold plated nib, combined with a screw-on cap, making it easy to switch nibs if needed & if you own more than one.

The Luxury Brass pen is available in three different nib sizes.

EF .38mm, F .5mm & Broad 1.0mm

Luxury Brass Fountain Pen merges an unusual color combination into a work of art that will surely make you look sophisticated and well thought out. 

Every pen ships with your color choice of 10 starting ink cartridges.

$ 17.95 USD $ 57.80 USD


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