Nebula Kite Fountain Pen

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Nebula Kite Fountain Pen

Experience the epitome of refined craftsmanship with the Nebula Kite Fountain Pen. Its thin and precise design offers a comfortable and effortless writing experience, enhanced by the 0.38mm fountain pen nib.

Adorned with intricate kite-shaped engravings, this pen exudes sophistication and mystery.

The dark gray hue adds understated elegance, making it a statement piece for any desk or pocket.

Nebula Kite can be used with disposable ink cartridges or bottled ink with the included ink converter.

Let the Nebula Kite Fountain Pen unleash your creativity and guide your hand as you embark on a journey of self-expression.

Elevate your writing to celestial heights with its flawless performance, leaving an indelible mark on every page.

Choose this captivating masterpiece where form and function intertwine, and witness the power of your words unfold.

$ 16.00 USD $ 29.99 USD

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