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Seaweed Green
Gold Stone
Peacock Blue
Sakura Pink
Azure Blue
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Introducing the Nebula Pro Mini 82 Fountain Pen – the pocket-sized pen that's about to add a splash of pizzazz to your writing adventures! 🌟✍️

🌌 Tiny but Mighty: Don't let its size fool you – this little pen packs a powerful punch! It's like having a superhero pen that's always ready to save your words from the clutches of dullness.

🎨 Colors Galore: With Nebula Pro Mini 82, your words will be as vibrant as a rainbow unicorn party. Choose from a dazzling array of ink colors that will make your notes and doodles pop like never before.

⏰ No Fuss, All Fun: No need for Jedi-level training to use this pen. It's user-friendly and ready to write right out of the box. Just uncap, and voilà! Instant writing wizardry.

πŸ’ͺ Durable Explorer: Built to withstand the rigors of your creative escapades, this pen is tough enough to accompany you on all your writing conquests, from scribbling in a coffee shop to jotting down genius ideas during a meteor shower.

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