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Pink EF 0.38mm
Purple EF 0.38mm
Mint Green EF 0.38mm
Olive Green F 0.5mm
Blue F 0.5mm
Cream F 0.5mm

The Crystal Crest fountain pen is a stunning writing instrument that combines elegance and precision.

The pastel colors and golden accents give it a luxurious feel, while the 0.38 mm-0.5 mm nib sizes ensure a smooth and accurate writing experience.

The pen is adorned with a beautiful crystal on the clip, adding a touch of glamour to your everyday writing routine.

The Crystal Crest fountain pen is not only a writing instrument but also a fashion accessory that will elevate your style.

Its lightweight body and comfortable grip make it perfect for extended writing sessions.

Upgrade your writing game with this exquisite piece of craftsmanship today.

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