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Fascinating High-Tech Application: This magical ballpoint pen adopts magnetic levitation technology, the magnetic field in the base holds the pen upwards.

When pushing it gently, the interaction of force and magnetic field will make the pen wobble like a roly-poly tumbler toy.

It doesn't need to be charged and does not use any wires, the magnetic field is simply always there.

Outstanding quality: Silver grey lacquer pen with golden trim is fitted with quick-flow ballpoint for a sensational writing experience.

The pen's tip delivers an effortlessly smooth & consistent ink flow on paper.

Vivid & Reliable: The Pen's black ink combined with a solid pen construction makes Magnetic Metal Pen a superior everyday writing tool.

Ideal to use for writing in a notebook, journal, planner, legal pad, invitations, birthday cards, etc.

Magnetic Miracle Pen is not just a barrier-breaking writing instrument but also an anxiety relief.

Do you? ever feel stressed at work or during study hours, anxious even?

Gently push the miracle pen on its base and watch it wobble like magic, floating around.

Works for business people, professionals, CEOs, students & office employees.

Strange Decor: MMagic Magnetic Metal Pen is modern, classy & functional.

Its comfortable and ergonomic shape makes it a stylish and practical office or desktop decoration.

This luxury magnetic pen will be a crowd favorite at parties, conventions, trade shows, corporate events, and so much more.

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