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Watermelon Whimsy
Tangerine Tango
Lime Blaster
Golden Hourglass
Nib Size

Introducing the Citrus Collection: a quartet of fountain pens that are as delightful to use as they are exquisite to behold. For the collector with a palate for the exceptional:

  • Watermelon Whimsy: A splash of summer with a dash of gold elegance.
  • Lime Luster: Bold, bright, and brisk - a true creator's choice.
  • Golden Hourglass: Transparent sophistication meets golden luxury.
  • Tangerine Tango: A vibrant dance of color and comfort in your hand.

Crafted for connoisseurs, each pen is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and vibrant personality. Whether you're scribbling a note or composing a sonnet, these pens make every word an indulgence. Collect the zest, write with zest!

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