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Introducing the Nebula Spring Edition Press Type Fountain Pen - the perfect blend of convenience and elegance! With the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen and the ease of a click rollerball, this pen is a game-changer.

The Nebula Spring Edition is available in six stunning colors, adding a touch of sophistication to your writing. Its barrel boasts a fine grip that has been engineered for maximum comfort and control.

The pen's unique internal seal replaces the traditional cap, protecting the nib and preventing ink evaporation when the pen is retracted.

The steel nib is offered in an extra-fine 0.38mm size, perfect for precise writing.

This innovative fountain pen was designed to satisfy people's curiosity and desire for a pen that is both elegant and practical.

The Nebula Spring Edition accepts universal-sized ink cartridges or any type of bottled ink with the included ink converter, making it a versatile addition to any writing collection.