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11Pcs blue set
11Pcs black set
11Pcs red set

Premium quality retractable gel pen sets that include 11 pieces - 2 pens and 10 free refills. 

High-quality gel ink allows for smooth and effortless drawing. flows nicely, no skipping. Great for embellishments and accents or creating reflections and highlights in the artwork. Use these gel pens for detail work highlighting areas on watercolor, colored pencils, markers, acrylic, gouache, oil, and non-oil-based paintings.

 Perfect for adults and kids. 

 Writes on dark paper such as black paper, or craft paper. 3 colors fine point gel pens for detail drawing sketching coloring, illustration, journals, card making, scrapbook, wedding invitations, photos, black envelopes, and other projects. great for art-loving students, artists, and beginner painters.

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