The Nebula Bamboo Premium (With Wooden Pen Box)

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The Nebula Bamboo Premium (With Wooden Pen Box)



The Nebula Bamboo Premium Has An Antique Stylish Design And Includes a Wooden Writing Set Case Which Will Make An Excellent Gift For Writers, Professionals, Or Those Creative Types Who Are Hard To Shop For.


The pen is made of real wood and the wood color and texture may vary or have natural marks - this is normal and is an integral part of natural, raw material.

This Pen Is Perfect Whether You're Writing On a Pleasant Journey, Taking Notes In Favourite Lectures, Signing Important Business Contracts, Writing Letters To Your Lover, Or Presenting Gifts To Your Friends.

Wooden gift box included.

*please allow 2 - 4 weeks for safe delivery. 

$ 19.99 USD $ 49.90 USD

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