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The Nebula Glass Dip Pen is a romantic and beautiful writing instrument that will enhance your writig experience.

It has a nice flow and is the ony instrument that truly gives you an honest and direct experience with your ink. This is why The Nebula Glass dip pen is ideal for testing new ink colors, it writes elegantly yet easily rinse clean with water, so you can quickly switch between different ink colors without having to refill the glass pen. As long as you have a bottle of ink handy, this pen is ready to capture your thoughts anytime, when dipped, The Nebula Glass Dip Pen can write multiple sentances before needing to be re-dipped.

The Nebula Glass Dip Pen comes in a beautiful box that includes the pen, a matching holder, and a bottle of ink. Every single piece is unique and handmade. 

*please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.