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Feel the confidence in your hand, let the pen do the work for you!
Effortless writing will bring out the journalist in you.
Experience smooth writing with no smudges.
Show off your finest handwriting.
This handcrafted fountain pen set makes a perfect sophisticated gift. Its elegant case makes it both attractive and ideal for traveling. 
The perfect combination of modern luxury and traditional beauty. The luxury details, the light materials, and the unique design have earned this pen the respect of many, who are glad to have finally found a pen to match their undeniably distinguished taste.
With every pen, we supply a converter to enable you to seamlessly switch between cartridges and bottled ink. 
Ink cartridges are not included, so please don't forget to head over to head on over to our "Picasso ink cartridges"  page, and grab a pack of our top quality, fantastic value Picasso ink cartridges.